16 October, 2016

Chibi Iron Man

Time for Iron Man aka Tony Stark. Enjoy!

07 October, 2016

Garnet - Steven Universe

Today I've got the awesome Garnet from the show Steven Universe to share with you.

30 September, 2016

Chibi Captain America

Today's cutie is Steve Rogers aka Captain America!

20 September, 2016

Steven Universe Gem

Today I have Steven Universe's crystal gem for you. A pretty quick stitch. I think you can use whatever pink/rose/red colours you have at home for this.

09 September, 2016

Steven Universe

Say hello to Steven Universe, the star in the show Steven Universe!

I'm back!

Hey everybody, I'm thinking of posting some patterns on the blog again. The first one will show up in a few minutes.
It's good to be back. ^-^

21 April, 2015